June 15, 2024

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MasterTech Services, Inc., SIC/NAICS #333415 and EIN #04-3750892, was founded to specialize in providing fully trained supervision, safety personnel and various levels of trained cooling tower technicians to manufacturers of field erected cooling towers, regional suppliers of cooling tower services and vendors. Today due to market demand, we have enlarged to a full line, full service cooling tower manufacturer providing MasterTech manufactured cooling towers.

Our extensive experience in the cooling tower industry means that we have the resources to satisfy any and all of your cooling tower needs.

• Reconstruction Services
• Thermal Upgrades
• Inspection Personnel
• New Tower Installations
• Preventative Maintenance and Cleanings
• Replacement Parts
• Emergency Callouts
• Trained Technicians

The experience of our labor management team with over 75 years of cumulative cooling tower experience insures the successful completion of high quality cooling tower projects nationwide on time and on budget.

MTS has the available resources to execute both union and merit shop projects anywhere in the world. Whether we are giving you fast, reliable construction service on your cooling tower or just supplying you with technical information; our outstanding team of consultants and service technicians are ready to work for you.



• As a member of the Cooling Technology Institute, we participate in the advancement of the latest specifications, techniques, guidelines, and certification programs within the industry of cooling towers.

• MasterTech Services is in full compliance with all payroll, tax and record keeping requirements, as well as all EEOC laws and regulations.

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